About Prasang

• Prasang was founded by Vijay Ghinaiya, a active and professional album designer.

• Prasang design has been designing and creating bespoke albums for more than 7 years.

• We pride ourselves on our customer service and working with you to creating beautiful photographic products to be appreciated for years to come.

• The Prasang name has grown to be one which is beautifully appointed and prestigious photographic albums.With a selection of story telling albums and off the self presentation products, we have a selection of products to suit every Studio.

• Today’s clients want to see immediate results! And the days where clients are willing to wait weeks or even months to see their images are long gone. Being a photographer today requires you to have not only photographic skills, but a strong understanding of digital workflow and post production editing techniques to offer your clients a fully processed image. That’s where Evolve comes into play.

• If you are a professional photographer and would like to begin your journey with Prasang then most welcome, we will work as per your expectation.

Our Vision

• Thank you for your interest in our company. We think it’s important to understand the driving force behind our company and our values. These are the core tenets that will drive the organization both internally and externally as we work within the community and with our clients.

• Create value for our clients and make a difference in our industry.

• Be a great place to work where people are inspired to reach their potential.

• Achieving Great network of customers and professional relationships, together achieving enduring values.

• Effective productivity and ready to adopt the quickly changing marketplace and technology.

• Leadership and have the courage to shape our industry.

• Maintain Integrity towards industry to make it respectful and peaceful.

• Strong focus on achieving integration – with customer needs, across services, across processes, with global markets and, with the future.

• Perfection in quality, whatever we do, do it well.